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Black Toxic Mold (stachybotrys) Symptoms, Mycotoxins & Treatment

Non toxic black mold lives in non cellulose materials such as ceramic tiles, aluminum sink, plastics and glass. Toxic black mold, which some scientists link to respiratory problems, rashes, infections and maybe even brain damage, tends to grow on cellulose based materiels such as cardboard, gypsum board, wood and other porous materials. Thus, if you plan to do some diy black mold removal, you will want to first figure out what you are doing. Some, but not all, black mold found on cellulose based materials, can produce mycotoxins which are airborne poisons linked to asthma attacks, allergies and other illnesses. Asyou may not know how to tell the difference between toxic and non-toxic black mold, it is important for you to take all neccessary safety measures when dealing with its removal. Since black mold spores, either toxic or non toxic, enter our body through respiration, you should always wear a face mask. To create an immediate barrier between you and the spores, go for a highly efficient, filter type mask. It is a good idea, when cleaning black mold, to use an air purifier. Air purifiers are capable of removing toxic mold spores from the air which will give you another line of defence after the face mask. Thirdly,mist the surface area with a good quality disinfectant. It is difficult to effectively remove black mold from a dry surface, so spraying the area with disinfectant will help you in two ways. By moistening the area, scrubbing will be a lot easier to do. Disinfectant is also very effective at killing bacteria and germs and may even go a long way to killing the black mold as well. Black mold on non porous surfaces such as glass, tiles sinks, should be wiped off with heavy duty tissue paper or disposable rags and then put into the refuse sack. Once the waste sack is full, it should be securely tied so that mold spores cannot escape and you should avoid carrying the bag through other parts of your home if at all possible.
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When these spores are inhaled, they can cause coughing, wheezing, asthma attacks, sinus congestion, severe allergic reactions, and pulmonary hemorrhages. Respiratory symptoms can be both temporary and permanent, and this depends on the abundance and severity of the mold. 2. Circulatory issues. Whether the spores are inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin, they can cause serious problems in the circulatory system. Such problems can include irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, hemorrhages, heart inflammation, and permanent heart damage. Arguably the most damaging black mold health risks, circulatory damage can be avoided by effectively removing the mold. 3. General discomfort. In addition to the severe health problems that black mold can cause, it can also produce symptoms that make everyday living more difficult. These symptoms can include aches and pains, low energy, weakness, tiredness, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, nausea, and cold like symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it could be a sign that your home is infected with mold. Since mold tends to grow in environments that have at least 70 percent humidity, mold remediation starts with decreasing the amount of moisture in the air. If water damage has already occurred, however, professional mold remediation companies may be needed to safely remove the mold. Since there are numerous black mold health risks, it is important to remove all the mold from your home in order to live a healthier life. Great references here.
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Never try to remove black toxic mold yourself. Trying to remove black toxic mold will cause many mycotoxins to be released and cause an even bigger problem for your home. You should contact a professional black toxic mold removal service who knows how to properly remove black toxic mold and contain mycotoxins. If you are suffering symptoms from the black toxic mold you should move out of your home temporarily. Don't move back in until the black toxic mold problem has been fixed. See Black Toxic Mold Removal for more advice on dealing with a black toxic mold problem. Recovering from Black Toxic Mold Symptoms Once a person is no longer around toxic black mold their symptoms should gradually decrease. However some health problems can be long term or even permanent. What is Black Toxic Mold (Stachybotrys Chartarum)? Stachybotrys chartarum is a species of mold that is extremely toxic to humans. It is often called black toxic mold or black mold. Black toxic mold can grow in houses. It usually grows hidden away in a place where there has been an unnoticed water problem. This is because black toxic mold needs an area to be very wet for several days before it can begin to grow. For more information about Stachybotrys chartarum visit the Black Toxic Mold page.
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Health Risks of Black Mold from Flood Damage - Yahoo Voices - voices.yahoo.com

What do you do withclothes if you have black mold in your house? The first thing is to find out which mold it is and whether the mold is growing on the clothes. There are many molds that can appear black and not all of them are toxigenic. The next thing is to assess the level of mold contamination on the clothes. If the mold was growing on the clothes for sometime, such clothes would probably have to be disposed off since they would be damaged in the first place. However, if no mold has been growing on the clothes, it is not advisable to dispose such clothes. If one is concerned about settled mold spores, the clothes can be washed thoroughly before they are worn again. Some people argue that cleaning the clothes would not remove mycotoxinsMycotoxins are toxic byproducts (seconday metabolites) produced by fungi. and those toxins would still bee harmful to the person wearing those clothes. The level of mycotoxinsMycotoxins are toxic byproducts (seconday metabolites) produced by fungi. (if any) would be insignificant. If you have a mold problem, please contact us at (905)290-9101. We can help or refer you to the right people. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed . Thanks for visiting! Related posts:
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Health Risks and Danger of Black Mold

Black mold is a fungus growing anywhere that is damp and dark. There are spores cast off by the black mold that can be accidentally eaten, absorbed into the skin or inhaled. This is the reason that houses with flood damage are made unlivable and condemned by the government until the mold is removed. Pneumonia resulting from the buildup of fluid in the lungs is generally a major health danger of black mold. The small sacs or alveoli in the lungs fill with fluids, typically they fill with puss when the mold infection occurs. The body mounts an immune response that includes using water to dilute the black mold spores in the lungs. The alveoli fill with puss which leads to pneumonia. Infections of the upper respiratory tract are another rather common health problem that black mold is associated with. There is an immune response in the sinus cavities and nose since the structure of black mold allows it to stick to the mucus membranes. Cold symptoms are mimicked during this time but progressively worsen unless the individual leaves the mold-infested environment. The upper Respiratory Infection symptoms of cough and runny nose will be present as the symptoms progress into nausea, headaches and dehydration. Black mold has been shown to be an extreme danger to babies and results in a condition known as Infant Pulmonary Hemorrhaging. Ulcers develop in the lungs because of the black mold spores which results in bleeding into the lungs. This results in symptoms resembling pneumonia and can eventually be fatal to the child. Ensuring the workspace and home are free from the environment black mold needs to breed easily prevents health problems associated with the fungus. The basement should be dry and well ventilated. Placing a dehumidifier in the basement ensures that there is no excess groundwater feeding the mold may be necessary. Carpeting and rugs should be completely dry before putting them back in the house after normal washing, flood or water accidents.
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Wake Up and Work » Black Mold Can Cause Severe Health Problems

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Pneumonia is an inflammation or infection in the lungs that causes the alveoli, or small sacs, to become filled with fluids, usually pus. When black mold spores get into the lungs through inhalation, the body mounts an immune response, and part of that response involves diluting the spores with water. This is what leads to the formation of the pus that fills the alveoli and causes the pneumonia. Another very common health problem associate with black mold is with the upper respiratory tract. Black mold, because of its structure, sticks to the mucus membrane of the nose and sinus cavities and causes an immune response there. The symptoms when this happens will mimic the common cold, but will progressively get worse unless the individual is removed from the environment. Over weeks, these will progress and will lead to symptoms like dehydration, headaches and nausea along with the URI symptoms of a runny nose and cough. Black mold has also been found to be extremely dangerous to babies, and produces a condition called Infant Pulmonary Hemorrhaging. In this condition, the lining of the lungs becomes so irritated by the presence of black mold, that ulcers develop that bleed into the lungs. This results in conditions similar to pneumonia and ultimately leads to the death of the child. Health problems related to black mold are easily prevented by making sure your home and workspace is free from the environment necessary to breed black mold. This includes making sure your basement is well ventilated and dry. It may be necessary to place a dehumidifier in the basement to make sure any excess groundwater does not feed the mold. It is also necessary to make sure any rugs and carpeting are completely dry before being placed back in the house, this includes after a water accident or flood, or with normal washing. In places like the basement where there is continuous dampness, it is best not to install carpet, but instead use a floor covering that does not absorb the moisture.
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